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Feral herbivore control

Feral herbivore control
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AWC is a leader in the implementation of large-scale feral herbivore control including mustering, shooting and trapping as well as baiting for feral pigs. 

We have established the two largest feral herbivore-free areas on mainland Australia at Wongalara and at Mornington. 

In 2016, AWC removed from our sanctuaries over 8,200 large feral herbivores including camels, buffalo, donkeys, horses, pigs and feral cattle.

camels 1_Rob Sleep_11.05.10)by Rob sleep_Kala

There are 300,000 feral camels across Australia - R. Sleep.


Helicopter mustering at Piccaninny Plains - S Gray copyright AWC DSC_0777

Helicopter mustering cattle at Piccaninny Plains - S. Gray.