Federal Senate Committee praises AWC

Federal Senate Committee praises AWC
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In 2013, a Federal Senate Committee conducted an important inquiry into the Effectiveness of threatened species and ecological communities’ protection in Australia.

After hearing evidence in written submissions and public hearings from a wide range of experts across Australia, the Committee, comprising Senators from all major political parties (Coalition, ALP, Greens), published a report which specifically commended AWC for its success in delivering effective conservation for Australia’s threatened species. 

The report of the Committee stated:

‘The committee particularly commends the work of the Australian Wildlife Conservancy and its impressive record of successful management of areas protecting a large number of threatened species, as well as its success in achieving substantial increases in the numbers of several nationally threatened species.’

AWC protects more nationally threatened animal species than any other non-government organisation in Australia including some of the largest remaining population of species such as the Numbat, Sharman’s Rock-wallaby, Purple-crowned Fairy-wren and the Greater Bilby.