Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby population stable at Buckaringa

Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby population stable at Buckaringa
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Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby

May 2017: The bi-annual Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby survey was carried out at Buckaringa Wildlife Sanctuary, where AWC protects a significant and stable population of this Vulnerable species. AWC staff and long-term volunteers recorded 39 Yellow-footed Rock-wallabies at 12 permanent observation points across the sanctuary.

To actively protect this species, AWC undertakes fox and goat control at Buckaringa and cooperates with neighbours to conduct predator and competitor management elsewhere in the region. We measure the effectiveness of our programs using the survey data to provide a population index of abundance and long-term trends, as illustrated in the below graph.

The May 2017 survey count was the highest we have recorded since we began this work and is considerably higher than the previous summer’s count as the population responds to our active fox and goat control programs. The previous highest counts were recorded in 2010 and 2011 as a result of higher rainfall in that period. Since then the numbers have gradually declined as conditions  returned to long-term averages.

Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby index