Australian Wildlife Conservancy Video - March 2017

Australian Wildlife Conservancy Video - March 2017
Newhaven | Karakamia | Mt Gibson | Mornington-Marion Downs | Piccaninny Plains | Yampi Sound Training Area
Field Programs
Feral cat and fox control | Feral herbivore control | Fire management | Wildlife translocations | Science: surveys and research | Weed control | Feral cat research


This short video features reports from AWC staff in the field at Yampi, Scotia, Mt Gibson, Newhaven, Piccaninny Plains and Mornington. All of these reports were filmed in January or February 2017, providing you with a snapshot of our current activity and highlighting the importance of the work we do protecting native wildlife and the habitats in which they live. Acclaimed actor, David Wenham, narrates a brief introduction.

Special thanks to Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Northern Pictures for their contribution to vision.