Donate this Christmas to protect Australia’s endangered wildlife

Donate this Christmas to protect Australia’s endangered wildlife

Throughout 2018 our dedicated team of field scientists and land managers at Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) has been delivering an amazing array of projects and activities across the 4.65 million hectare estate that is owned or managed by AWC including:

  • Establishing the largest feral predator-free area on mainland Australia at Newhaven Wildlife Sanctuary in the Northern Territory;
  • One of the nation's most iconic threatened mammals - the Bilby - is set to be restored to the Pilliga after becoming extinct in NSW more than 100 years ago; and
  • Delivering our ecologically-friendly fire management program, Ecofire, leading to an increase in the Northern Brown Bandicoot population at Mornington Wildlife Sanctuary.

We hope that you feel as much a part of the success of AWC as we do.

With Christmas just around the corner, please consider a tax-deductible gift that will go directly towards the ongoing conservation of Australia's most threatened species by selecting one of the Christmas e-gift options below. You will also be able choose a personalised AWC eCard if you are donating as a gift for someone else.


1. Protect precious Kimberley habitat

AWC and Dambimangari Aboriginal Corporation have entered into a ground-breaking partnership to deliver land management and science across 800,000 hectares adjacent to the Kimberley coast, the only area of mainland Australia to have suffered no extinctions since European settlement.

$1 will protect 1 hectare of Dambimangari country in the Kimberley

2. Build nest boxes for threatened Eastern Pygmy Possums

Support custom-built nest boxes made from hollow logs for monitoring populations of threatened Eastern Pygmy Possums at North Head and in the Pilliga.

$50 will construct two custom-built nest boxes

3. Protect Australia’s threatened wildlife in the arid zone

AWC's ecologists use specially designed pitfall buckets to capture and release small mammals and reptiles in hot, arid environments. These surveys are vital for measuring AWC's progress and informing our land management actions on the ground.

$100 will buy two bespoke pitfall buckets

4. Save wildlife ‘beyond the fence’ through intensive fox control

AWC is conducting the largest feral predator research project in the country at Scotia Wildlife Sanctuary. Reducing the density of foxes 'outside the fence' at Scotia will benefit ground-active birds like the Malleefowl and Striated Grasswren, as well as small mammals like the Southern Ningaui.

$300 will fund fox control across more than 500 hectares

5. Secure the Northern Quoll

A dedicated operation is underway to protect the nationally-endangered Northern Quoll from deadly cane toads. In 2019, the quoll population on Charnley River-Artesian Range Wildlife Sanctuary in the Kimberley will be provided with non-toxic toad baits that induce nausea to teach them to avoid eating cane toads.

$500 will pay for 30 minutes of helicopter time for deploying cane toad baits for Northern Quolls as part of taste aversion training

6. Support the world’s largest non-government fire management program

Support AWC's award-winning Ecofire program, which includes prescribed burning across four million hectares of the Kimberley in the early dry season, and help protect vital habitat for iconic species such as the Gouldian Finch. Aerial burns will break up patches of vegetation and reduce the threat of wildfires later in 2019.

$750 will purchase 2,500 incendiaries to help deliver AWC's fire management program

7. Support Australia's largest biodiversity monitoring program

Support AWC's science team to deliver a record-breaking level of biological surveys across our 27 sanctuaries in 2019. By the end of the year, field staff, students and volunteers will have carried out over 150,000 trap nights for mammals, reptiles and frogs, using a combination of box traps, cage traps, pitfalls, funnel traps and camera traps.

$1,000 will fund a field ecologist (including vehicle and equipment) for two days

8. Return endangered Mala to Newhaven Wildlife Sanctuary

The first Mala have returned to Newhaven. AWC will be translocating more Mala to the newly constructed feral predator-free area in 2019. Your gift will return three Mala to Newhaven and help establish the first wild population of Mala on mainland Australia in 25 years.

$3000 will pay for the return of three Mala to Newhaven

9. Detect and protect elusive nocturnal wildlife 

AWC's team of field ecologists is deploying cutting-edge technology to monitor populations of nocturnal wildlife that are hard to detect in large landscapes, like Koalas in the Pilliga and Greater Stick-nest Rats at Mt Gibson.

$5,000 will purchase one thermal camera


On behalf of the team at AWC (including our Bilbies, Numbats and Monjons) – Merry Christmas and thank you for your generous support.