Feral cat and fox control at North Head

Feral cat and fox control at North Head

A camera trap captures a feral fox that has killed an endangered Long-nosed Bandicoot.

Feral cats and foxes occur on North Head Sanctuary, although in relatively low numbers.

Across Australia, feral cats are killing tens of millions of native animals every night. At this point in time, there is no effective mechanism for eradicating cats at a landscape level. The small, isolated population of Long-nosed Bandicoots on North Head are particularly susceptible to cats and foxes.

AWC implements an ongoing program to monitor incursions by feral cats and foxes on the headland, using a combination of infra-red camera and spotlight surveys for detection. Encouragingly, the numbers of these species detected have been low and all cat sightings have occurred on the urban fringe, indicating they are probably strays or domestic cats and not feral cats.

Fox incursions are concentrated during the season when juvenile foxes are dispersing.  The control of foxes involves baiting and shooting, as required, conducted by NSW NPWS and Harbour Trust across the headland.