Wildlife translocations at North Head

Wildlife translocations at North Head

Bush Rat.

The first native Bush Rats were reintroduced to North Head in July 2014 as part of AWC’s strategy to outcompete the abundant feral black rats on North Head. Prior to the reintroduction of native Bush Rats, the feral Black Rat was eradicated from the two release sites.

AWC is undertaking monitoring and research to:

  • determine how Bush Rats use the landscape and establish home ranges at North Head following release;
  • determine whether Bush Rats can defend territories against and potentially inhibit black rat invasion;
  • measure the ongoing success of the reintroduction program and establishment of a sustainable population;
  • examine social and behavioural interactions of reintroduced Bush Rats; and
  • identify ongoing management measures to help sustain Bush Rat populations post-release.

Subject to further investigation, AWC is also planning to reintroduce other locally extinct species including Giant Burrowing Frogs.