Feral herbivore control at Tableland

Feral herbivore control at Tableland

There are no camels or goats on Tableland and very low numbers of pigs.  The major land management challenge is the removal of feral cattle, donkeys and horses. 

In partnership with the Yulmbu community:

  • AWC is establishing significant additional fencing and associated infrastructure to form a “sustainable pastoral zone” in which the community will retain a small herd of cattle. 
  • Feral cattle, together with feral horses and donkeys, are being removed from the balance of the property through a combination of mustering and shooting.
  • In 2014, over 650 feral herbivores were removed from the property.
  • Aerial surveys in 2013 recorded no pigs and negligible donkeys. 

Map Of Tableland Showing The Sustainable Pastoral Zone

Map of Tableland showing the Sustainable Pastoral Zone and the location of new fences; cattle will be contained within this 64 000 ha area. Cattle will be removed from other areas of Tableland. Horses and donkeys will be removed from the entire property.