We need your help to save Australia’s wildlife

Support AWC

As a registered charity, AWC activities are funded primarily by tax deductible donations from individuals and organisations across Australia. The continued success of AWC depends upon the support we receive from people like you!

There are a number of ways you can support AWC:

All donations of AU$2 or more to AWC are tax deductible.

All of our donors and supporters receive our regular newsletter, Wildlife Matters and periodic e-Bulletins (if they wish) and are welcome to participate in AWC events and volunteer programs.

For more information on how you can help AWC in the conservation of Australia’s threatened wildlife and ecosystems, please contact one of our Development Executives:


Shauna Chadlowe, Senior Development Executive (Sydney)

Phone: +61 2 9324 4210

Mobile: 0414 879 864

Email: Shauna.Chadlowe@australianwildlife.org


Angela Bowman, Senior Development Executive (Perth) 

Phone: +61 8 9380 9633

Mobile: 0428 562 355

Email: angela.bowman@australianwildlife.org 


Leah Royle, Development Executive (Melbourne)

Phone: +61 3 8660 6614

Mobile: 0409 101 635

Email: leah.royle@australianwildlife.org