Saving Australia’s
threatened wildlife – in the field

We need your help to save Australia’s threatened wildlife.

Your tax deductible gift to AWC will make a difference where it really counts – in the field.

AWC invests a higher proportion of its expenditure on conservation than any other comparable Australian environmental organisation:

  • 84% of our operational expenditure is on conservation programs, with only 16% allocated to fundraising and administration combined (FY2017).
  • Almost 80% of our staff are based in the field – the front-line in our battle against wildfires, feral animals and weeds.



Make a single donation

Your donation will make a difference where it really counts – in the field.

$100 will fund equipment for monitoring the recovery of endangered species

$500 will fund radio collars for a pair of Western Barred Bandicoots

$1000 will fund the removal of feral cats from around 50 hectares.

Become a regular monthly supporter

The importance of monthly giving

Please consider joining our growing club of generous monthly supporters. Monthly giving provides certainty for AWC – helping us plan for the future – and to reduce administrative costs.

A monthly gift of $25 will help protect around 5 hectares of tropical savannah in the Kimberley or will fund equipment to help monitor our valuable population of endangered Numbats!

All donations of AU$2 or more to AWC are tax deductible. All of our donors and supporters receive our regular newsletter, Wildlife Matters and periodic e-news (if they wish) and are welcome to participate in AWC events and volunteer programs.

Other ways to make a donation

Phone in your donation by calling us on +61 (08) 9380 9633.

Email, Post or Fax a printable donation form to Reply Paid 8070 Subiaco East WA 6008, Australia.

Cheque/money order made payable to "Australian Wildlife Conservancy Fund".