Visit a sanctuary

Visit a sanctuary

AWC's mission is the effective conservation of every native species and its habitat. We establish sanctuaries for the conservation of threatened wildlife and ecosystems and focus on delivering large-scale, practical land management informed by world class science. AWC is acutely aware of the value of public access to the sanctuaries and its potential to encourage a wider public understanding of wildlife conservation issues.

However, we do not have formal public visitor programs in place at all sanctuaries. As a not-for-profit charity, our limited resources are focused on the demands of the ecosystem restoration and management (feral animals, weeds, fire, stock control, erosion, ecological surveys and monitoring) and as a consequence the necessary infrastructure and staffing to ensure safe and rewarding visitations is not yet in place. The development of properly managed public access requires a considerable outlay, as well as a good understanding of the condition of natural communities and their vulnerabilities. This is required to not only ensure the safety and comfort of visitors but also to safeguard the health of wildlife, including protection from disease and weed invasion.

AWC sanctuaries with a visitor program and that are open to the public are:

Kimberley Region

Mornington Wilderness Camp – located in the central Kimberley WA.  The Wilderness Camp offers both luxury safari-tents or access to a creek-side campground. During the day guests can enjoy a range of self-guided tours including day trips to the gorges, and evening meals at the licensed bar and restaurant. Bookings are essential. Read more. Mornington Wilderness Camp is open from 30 April to 7 October 2018.

Charnley River - Charnley River is situated 43km north of the Gibb River Road, where you are welcome to explore our unique self-drives on the 300,000 hectare wildlife sanctuary. Explore stunning gorges, swim in waterholes, and enjoy fantastic bird watching and bushwalking. Camp in our large, shaded and grassed campground with drinking water, hot showers, flushing toilets and a disabled bathroom. Camping: $40 per Couple, $10 per Child. Sorry NO PETS OR FIRES allowed. Contact or (08) 9191 4646 for more information.

North-East Region

Bowra Wildlife Sanctuary – located in southern QLD. Bowra is open from April to November for self-guided tours and camping is available. Bowra Wildlife Sanctuary may experience occasional closures for management purposes during the year. It is imperative that you contact the visitor information team a few weeks before your planned arrival to confirm the sanctuary will be open on the dates you are planning to visit.  Bookings are essential (email enquiries only from Nov-Feb).  Read the Bowra Visitor Information sheet for location, accommodation, cost and booking information.

Newhaven Wildlife Sanctuary – located in central Australia NT.  Newhaven is owned and operated in conjunction with Birds Australia and is open to visitors from April to September. Bookings are essential. Read more.

South-East Region

Yookamurra Wildlife Sanctuary – located in the Murraylands region of SA. Yookamurra is closed to general visitors, but offers an education program with the opportunity for school students to visit for a unique and exciting school camp experience - with AWC staff providing education and activities on threatened species and scientific methods of conservation. Accommodation is available for school groups only, bookings are essential. Read more.  Yookamurra has occasional Open Days for the general public to visit, please contact Yookamurra to register your interest in upcoming Open Days. 

Kalamurina Wildlife Sanctuary - located in SA. Kalamurina receives visitors on Outback Spirit Tours between April and October. Self-sufficient campers are also welcome betweeen April and August in designated camp sites on the eastern side of the property. Bookings are essential. Please contact 08 8675 8310 or email for more information.

Outback Spirit tour between April and October: see  The Outback Spirit visit includes an interpretive walk with an AWC staff member. - See more at:
Outback Spirit tour between April and October: see  The Outback Spirit visit includes an interpretive walk with an AWC staff member. - See more at:

South-West Region

Karakamia Wildlife Sanctuary – located in south-west WA. Visitors can experience the magic of Karakamia by participating in a two hour guided walk at dusk. Accommodation not available. Bookings are essential. Read more.

Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary – located in the south-west WA. Paruna sanctuary is open from 1 May and 30 September for self-guided walks. Accommodation not available. Bookings are essential. Read more.

Mt Gibson Wildlife Sanctuary – located in south-west WA. The Quartz Ridge Campground at Mt Gibson is open from 14th April - 7th October 2018 inclusive. Read more.


It is important that you pre-arrange your visit to our sanctuaries as bookings are essential. Please contact us for more information.