Species profile

Red-browed Treecreeper

Red-browed Treecreeper

Photo courtesy of Eric Sohn Joo Tan.

Range and abundance

The Red-browed Treecreeper. They inhabit forested mountainous country and deep rainforest gullies from south-east Queensland to Melbourne. Curramore Wildlife Sanctuary is at the extreme northern end of the range of the species.


Red-browed Treecreepers are olive-grey birds, with a distinct rusty eyebrow and eyepatch, beautifully streaked underparts and barred black and white under-tail feathers. They have a fast , undulating flight which shows a grey wing-band.


Treecreepers are easily distinguished when feeding in the forest as they hold onto trees perpendicular to the trunk with their long toes and claws. They forage up trees, usually in a spiral fashion, investigating under bark and in crevices for invertebrates. Birds usually feed in pairs or groups of 3-4 adults that breed cooperatively.


This species has disappeared in habitats subject to forest clearing and fragmentation. It is also declining in areas of wet forest where large old trees are collapsing due to wildfires.


What is AWC doing?

At Curramore, AWC is restoring forest cover to disturbed and cleared areas that have been invaded by lantana. AWC’s fire management program is aimed at reducing the impacts of wildfires on large trees.

Did you know:

Treecreepers forage on trees with their heads facing up. Varied Sittellas, which look similar at a distance, forage with their heads facing down.