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Kimberley Wildlife Discoveries
Dr Karen Young | 05/11/2020

In the remote Kimberley of north-western Australia, AWC works across an area as big as Denmark, including AWC sanctuaries and partnership projects. Our team of ecologists has carried out wide-ranging wildlife surveys and made some exciting discoveries in 2020. Wildlife Ecologist Karen Young shares some of this year’s highlights.


Chief Operations Officer
James Hewitt | 29/10/2020

As AWC’s Chief Operations Officer, James Hewitt oversees our hard-working operations and land management teams right across Australia. We’ll discuss how new partnerships mean the AWC model is now being applied across 6.5 million hectares. It’s conservation on a grand scale!


Scotia Wildlife Sanctuary
Tali Moyle & Hamish Longbottom | 22/10/2020

After several years of drought in western NSW, Scotia Wildlife Sanctuary has finally received some rain in recent months, which has triggered a flurry of wildflowers and birdlife. Wildlife Ecologist Tali Moyle and Sanctuary Manager Hamish Longbottom gave an update from the sanctuary, which is the site of one of AWC’s longest running mammal reintroduction projects.


Monitoring plants and vegetation
Jeanette Kemp | 15/10/2020

AWC Wildlife Ecologist Jeanette Kemp is a botanist leading our national effort to catalogue and monitor the huge diversity of plants and vegetation communities that are protected at AWC sanctuaries and partnership projects.

Northern Bettong Reintroduction Project
Felicity L’Hotellier | 17/09/2020


AWC has committed to return the endangered Northern Bettong to the tall eucalypt forests of Mt Zero-Taravale Wildlife Sanctuary in North Queensland. Felicity L’Hotellier is AWC’s Senior Field Ecologist on-site, where this important project is taking shape.

A global perspective on biodiversity

Professor Thomas Lovejoy | 10/09/2020


Professor Thomas Lovejoy is one of the world’s most distinguished conservation biologists and a founding member of AWC’s Science Advisory Network. He has worked in the Amazon for over five decades, and popularised the term ‘biological diversity’. Lovejoy is a long-standing part of the AWC family and has visited sanctuaries in the Kimberley, the Top End, Cape York, Central Australia and the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Conservation in Australia
Professor John Woinarski | 03/09/2020


Professor John Woinarski is one of Australia’s pre-eminent conservation biologists, with a career spanning four decades in biodiversity research, policy and management. He co-authored the Action Plan for Australian Mammals which guides much of AWC’s work with threatened mammal species. John joined AWC’s Board of Directors in 2020.

The Pilliga Project

Wayne Sparrow & Dr Greg Holland | 27/08/2020


Representing a landmark collaboration between AWC and the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (as part of the NSW Government’s Saving Our Species program), AWC’s work in the Pilliga helps protect a vital piece of habitat for Australia’s threatened species. Already a refuge for a suite of wildlife, the Pilliga project area is now the site of an ambitious reintroduction program of at least six locally extinct mammals. Operations Manager Wayne Sparrow and Acting Regional Ecologist Dr Greg Holland provide an update on the Pilliga Project.

A visit to Scotia Wildlife Sanctuary

Wendy Harmer | 13/08/2020


Wendy Harmer is a journalist, comedian, author, producer, and co-host of ABC Radio Sydney’s breakfast program. She joins us to talk about her recent road-trip through outback New South Wales, including a visit to AWC’s Scotia Wildlife Sanctuary.

Bullo River Station
Julian Burt & Dr Eridani Mulder | 06/08/2020


AWC’s ground-breaking partnership at Bullo River Station is delivering conservation benefits alongside a commercial cattle operation. We hear from owner, Julian Burt, and get an update from AWC Wildlife Ecologist Dr Eridani Mulder who is on the ground conducting surveys there.

North Head Mammal Reintroductions
Dr Viyanna Leo, Wildlife Ecologist | 30/07/2020


AWC has been working at North Head Sanctuary in Sydney since 2009. Viyanna discusses the important Banksia scrub ecosystem protected on the headland, and the three species of small mammals that AWC has reintroduced to the site.

Inspiring the next generation of conservationists
Helen Crisp, Senior Field Ecologist | 23/07/2020


Senior Field Ecologist Helen Crisp is based at Yookamurra Wildlife Sanctuary in South Australia’s Murraylands region. Helen leads the science program at Yookamurra, including looking after important reintroduced populations of Numbats, Bettongs, and Bilbies. She also runs a dedicated wildlife education program which is inspiring the next generation of young conservationists. Helen also shares how during COVID isolation she’s using satellite imagery to monitor the local population of Southern Hairy-nosed Wombats.


Reintroducing missing mammals to Mallee Cliffs National Park
Dr Laurence Berry, Wildlife Ecologist | 25/06/2020


Under our partnership with NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, AWC is returning a suite of locally extinct mammals to the mallee country in far south-western NSW. Wildlife Ecologist Dr Laurence Berry provides an update on the Bilbies released there in 2019 and plans for further reintroductions.


A new model for conservation
Tim Allard, Chief Executive | 18/06/2020


Tim Allard is AWC’s Chief Executive and joins us to discuss AWC’s approach to conservation, celebrate some of our recent success stories, and outline our strategy for the future.


AWC’s Feral Predator Ecology Research Project
Dr Andrew Carter, Wildlife Ecologist | 11/06/2020


AWC leads Australia’s most extensive research into the ecology of feral cats and foxes. Wildlife Ecologist Dr Andrew Carter has led the most recent phase of this research, which has produced a new tool for reliably measuring the population density of cats and foxes in open landscapes.


AWC’s Science Program and the new Threatened Species Index
Dr John Kanowski and Dr Liana Joseph | 04/06/2020


AWC Chief Scientist John Kanowski joins us to discuss the central role of science in AWC’s conservation model, including Australia’s largest field ecology program which employs over 60 full-time ecologists. We also hear from AWC National Science Manager Dr Liana Joseph about AWC’s contribution to the new National Threatened Species Index for Mammals.


Tracking down the Red Goshawk
Dr Richard Seaton, Senior Ecologist | 28/05/2020


Richard Seaton is a Senior Ecologist who led AWC’s science program in the north-east region for over three years. He has a lifelong passion for birds of prey, and recently authored a book on their identification. Richard joins us to discuss his work and an important research project into one of Australia’s rarest birds of prey, the Red Goshawk.


Wildlife Reintroductions
Chantelle Jackson, Wildlife Ecologist | 21/05/2020


AWC Wildlife Ecologist, Chantelle Jackson, has spent much of her career working with wildlife in inland Australia, and more recently on AWC sanctuaries in the southwest of Western Australia, including Mt Gibson, Karakamia, Paruna, and Faure Island. Chantelle is now organising an ambitious wildlife translocation, the next step in restoring Central Australia’s biodiversity at Newhaven.


Isolation on Cape York
Sally Gray & Graham Woods, Piccaninny Plains Wildlife Sanctuary  | 14/05/2020


Sally Gray & Graham Woods have managed AWC’s Piccaninny Plains Wildlife Sanctuary on Cape York Peninsula for eight years. During the wet season, they are frequently cut off from the rest of the world for months at a time. They join us to discuss the recent wet season and to offer some wisdom for dealing with social isolation.


Kimberley Fire Program
Toby Barton, Regional Fire Coordinator  | 07/05/2020


Toby Barton is coordinating AWC’s massive prescribed burning program in the Kimberley, working with a team from our remote base at Charnley River-Artesian Range Wildlife Sanctuary to implement thousands of kilometres of aerial burns, despite the challenges imposed by the current travel restrictions.


Saving Koalas in the Blue Mountains
Andrew Howe, Senior Field Ecologist  | 30/04/2020


As fires encroached on the Blue Mountains in NSW, a local conservation group acted quickly to rescue an isolated population of Koalas. When the Koalas were ready to be released, AWC ecologist Andy Howe was on-site to help out.


Bushfire Recovery Projects
Dr Eridani Mulder, Senior Wildlife Ecologist | 23/04/2020


Dr Eridani Mulder coordinated the involvement of AWC ecologists in several bushfire recovery projects, including the deployment of strike teams to conduct rapid ecological assessments in northern NSW and on Kangaroo Island.