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Conservation collaboration to raise funds for Australia’s Most Endangered

29 Feb. 2024
Brad Leue/AWC

Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC), a global leader in conservation, has partnered with Australian Geographic Society (the Society), the charitable arm of media business Australian Geographic (AG), on a year-long public fundraising and storytelling campaign highlighting six native species at risk.

Under the Society’s rebranded fundraisers ‘Australia’s Most Endangered’, the campaigns will focus on raising funds and awareness for one native species every eight weeks. The plight of each animal will be told through stories accompanied by rare wildlife photography and videos across AG’s print and digital channels as well as through AG’s retail partner QBD Books. All funds raised will be donated to AWC and its work in restoring and protecting threatened wildlife and their habitats across iconic regions in Australia.


Australian Geographic Mar/Apr issue
Australian Wildlife Conservancy and Australian Geographic Society’s partnership launches in March with a cover story on Australia’s Easter Bilby.


The first fundraising campaign kicks off in the Easter edition of Australian Geographic with the iconic Greater Bilby on the cover and a four-page feature on the endangered species. The cover story will be followed by a fundraiser at 87 QBD Books stores across the country through the sale of $2 temporary Bilby tattoos illustrated by wildlife artist Nathan Ferlazzo.

Chrissie Goldrick, Chair, Australian Geographic Society said that the charity hopes to make a real impact and measurable conservation outcomes for the vital funds that readers and supporters so generously donate.

“We’re grateful for the ongoing generous support of our fundraisers and will continue to ensure the money is used to the greatest effect to help our precious wildlife,” said Chrissie. “We’re excited to be partnering with AWC to support its nationwide conservation programs aimed at halting biodiversity loss and saving our most iconic species from extinction.”


Australian Geographic Society Bilby tattoos Nathan Ferlazzo
Temporary Bilby tattoos designed by Nathan Ferlazzo will be sold for $2 at QBD Books stores around Australia from 8 March 2024.


Tim Allard, Australian Wildlife Conservancy Chief Executive Officer welcomed the partnership. He hopes that the combined influence of the two reputable conservation brands will have a lasting impact in raising awareness and funds for native species at risk.

“We’re honoured to partner with Australian Geographic and its not for-profit Australian Geographic Society in this year-long campaign to bring attention to the dire state of Australia’s wildlife, particularly six of ‘Australia’s Most Endangered’,” said Mr Allard. “The support of Australian Geographic Society’s members and their generous donations, will be utilised to stem the loss of Australia’s wildlife – 85% of which is endemic to Australia.”

Australian Geographic’s Easter issue featuring the Greater Bilby will go on sale 1 March 2024 and the Bilby tattoos will be available in QBD stores across the country from 8 March 2024.

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