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How your tax-deductible donation helps

Support AWC with an affordable monthly gift

An ongoing and affordable monthly gift provides AWC with an assured income directed to the area of greatest need, enabling the delivery of ongoing projects and the development of new ones.

Support rewilding projects

$30 will purchase three microchips to monitor reintroduced species. Every mammal AWC releases needs to be micro-chipped to enable monitoring. Your gift will help AWC track the health and survival of the reintroduced species we protect.

Support biodiversity surveys across our partnership properties

$62 will purchase an SD card for a remote camera trap, increasing the area and number of species that can be monitored across partnership properties like the NAPCo property portfolio.

Support feral cat control

$100 will fund feral cat control (baiting) for one month at a single sanctuary. Feral cats are the greatest threat to Australia’s wildlife and kill an estimated 6 million animals every night. With your help we can manage feral cats and help Australia’s wildlife to thrive.

Support monitoring of reintroduced species

$350 will supply one Yagi antenna for remotely tracking the movements of reintroduced species. During a translocation, AWC ecologists attach size-appropriate radio collars to reintroduced animals. Yagi antennas allow AWC ecologists to pick up on the signal from these collars, to undertake monitoring of post-release health and survival and ultimately to remove these collars after the animals have settled into their new environment.

Support a field ecologist for a day

$500 will fund a field ecologist, including equipment and vehicle, for a day whilst conducting Ecohealth surveys across AWC sanctuaries and partnership areas. AWC’s Ecohealth program involves targeted surveys of threatened species and monitoring of wildlife, vegetation and key threats. This enables ecological ‘return’ on investment to be measured and reported on.

Fund fire management across millions of hectares

$750 will purchase 2,500 incendiaries for delivering AWC’s award-winning fire management program. Your gift will support the delivery of fire management across more than 7 million hectares of Northern Australia, helping to reduce wildfires and carbon emissions and repair landscapes at scale.

Fund a camera trap for one year

$1,000 will fund a camera trap with batteries for one year. Camera traps are used to monitor reintroduced species inside fenced areas and extant species both inside and outside fenced areas. They are also used to monitor feral predator activity and improve the success of trapping and baiting.

Support a range increase for reintroduced species

$12,000 will purchase a UHF radio repeater aerial booster to assist AWC ecologists in monitoring reintroduced species after they are released. The repeater will extend the range over which reintroduced mammals can be tracked and monitored.

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All donations of AU$2 or more to AWC are tax deductible within Australia. All our supporters receive our regular newsletter, Wildlife Matters and periodic e-news and are welcome to participate in AWC events and volunteer programs.

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Other ways to make a donation

You can phone in your donation by calling us on

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