Feral Herbivore Control

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Feral herbivores removed from across AWC sanctuaries in 2019


Feral herbivores removed from across AWC sanctuaries in 2018


Feral herbivores removed from across AWC sanctuaries in 2017

Feral herbivores degrade the landscape, destroying habitat for native wildlife, as well as damaging fencing and other infrastructure. 

Feral herbivores include camels, buffalo, donkeys, horses, pigs and feral cattle. 

AWC implements a range of management strategies including mustering, shooting and trapping as well as baiting for feral pigs. 

The presence of feral herbivores is monitored through the use of remote camera traps and regular checking of fencing and tracks, which informs AWC’s threat management program. 

Wildlife protected through this program

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Bridled Nailtail Wallaby

The Bridled Nailtail Wallaby was believed to be extinct for much of the 20th century, until the chance discovery of a surviving population in 1973. AWC reintroduced a...

© Wayne Lawler/AWC

Burrowing Bettong

W. Lawler/AWCBurrowing Bettongs (or often referred to as Boodies in western and southern Australia), are a small, thick-set, kangaroo-like animal.

© Wayne Lawler/AWC

Carpentarian Pseudantechinus

Pungalina-Seven Emu is the only mainland protected area in which the species occurs.

Sanctuaries where this program is implemented

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Brooklyn Sanctuary supports a greater diversity of wildlife than any other single property in Australia. It protects an incredible variety...

© Wayne Lawler/AWC
South Australia


Buckaringa Wildlife Sanctuary conserves 2,000 hectares of the central Flinders Ranges in South Australia. AWC plays an important role in...

© Wayne Lawler/AWC
Western Australia

Charnley River – Artesian Range

Charnley River-Artesian Range has a vital role to play in protecting and restoring the endangered wildlife of northern Australia.

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