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Help secure the future of one of Australia’s rarest mammals

The Central Rock-rat is a species on the brink of extinction. These fluffy native animals weigh less than 170 grams and are found nowhere else in the world. We recently released 58 Central Rock-rats into our feral-predator proof safe haven at Newhaven Wildlife Sanctuary. We need your support to ensure the success of this important work.

Dress Up For Wildlife!

We’re very excited to invite you to #DressUpForWildlife; a nation-wide campaign to inspire the next generation of passionate conservationists!

To raise awareness for our threatened species, AWC is inviting primary schools to participate in a dress-up or free-dress day on any day across the week from 5 to 9 September. Students are asked to make a gold coin donation and can come dressed as their favourite Australian animal or plant or wear free dress to mark National Threatened Species Day in support of our wildlife.

Where we work

Covering more than 12.9 million hectares (31.8 million acres), AWC owns, manages or works in partnership on more land than any other non-government conservation organisation in Australia.

Our locations are situated in key regions including the Kimberley, the Top End, Cape York, Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre and the southwestern forests. It is possible to visit 11 AWC sanctuaries.


Wildlife we protect

Australia is one of the most important nations on Earth for biodiversity. Most of Australia’s wildlife is found nowhere else in the world, making its conservation even more important.

AWC protects some of the nation’s most iconic and endangered wildlife including 74% of native mammal species, 88% of native bird species, 54% of reptile species and 56% of amphibian species.

Pungalina Survey 2009

A new model for conservation

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Visit an AWC Sanctuary

From the Kimberley to Cape York, central Australia and the Top End, AWC’s network of wildlife sanctuaries include a large range of remote and iconic regions. At certain times of the year, we welcome visitors to 11 of our locations around Australia, to experience the benefits of AWC’s effective conservation first-hand.

A large Water-holding Frog emerges after rain on one of North Australian Pastoral Company’s stations. This arid specialist can live underground for years in a water-holding cocoon that prevents the frog from drying out.

Issue 43 of Wildlife Matters: A giant leap forward for conservation in Australia

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