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How will the funds be used? 

AWC will apply the funds towards the purchase of land and implementation of key actions including weed and fire control. AWC will also erect interpretation boards in the expansion area, providing information for visitors on the site’s biodiversity, AWC’s management actions and the area’s key conservation issues.  

Be remembered! 

For all gifts of $1,000 or more, you can nominate to have your name displayed on the interpretation boards when they are set up, as a generous benefactor of this special sanctuary.


The Opportunity to Expand Curramore Wildlife Sanctuary

Curramore Wildlife Sanctuary aerial
AWC’s Curramore Wildlife Sanctuary, Queensland


We are excited to announce a rare opportunity to expand AWC’s Curramore Wildlife Sanctuary and extend our conservation footprint in the Blackall Ranges by a further 15%!

The added 26.1 hectares will provide protection for the headwaters of Little Cedar Creek (inhabited by the endemic Maleny Spiny Crayfish Euastacus urospinosus), that flows on to the Mary River which supports the endangered Mary River Turtle, the vulnerable Queensland Lungfish and the Platypus – as well as for the diversity of threatened wildlife that already call Curramore home.


Curramore challenge 600px wide
By expanding Curramore Wildlife Sanctuary, AWC will have permanent access, increasing opportunities for visitation and expanding the area protected by conservation in this biodiversity hotspot


Curramore is currently only accessed by crossing a neighbour’s estate.

The expansion along the northern boundary will connect the sanctuary to the road, finally enabling AWC permanent access to deliver priority conservation actions, as well as opportunities for volunteering and visits by you – our amazing Queensland supporters.


Richmond Birdwing Butterfly CSIRO Dr Don Sands, CSIRO
AWC protects the endangered Richmond Birdwing Butterfly at Curramore. Photo: Dr Don Sands, CSIRO


Located on the western edge of the Maleny Plateau in south-east Queensland, Curramore protects an array of vegetation types including rainforest, tall eucalypt and grassy open forests. The property is also a hotspot for biodiversity.

Despite its relatively small 170-hectare size, Curramore supports more than 700 native animals and plants, including Koalas, Paradise Riflebirds, Subtropical Antechinus, Plumed Frogmouth, Pouched Frogs and one of Australia’s largest butterflies, the endangered Richmond Birdwing Butterfly. In fact, at least fifteen threatened species find refuge here.


Koala Brad Leue 600px wide
Curramore provides vital protection for iconic and threatened wildlife like the Koala. Photo:B. Leue/AWC 


Weed infestation is the single greatest threat to wildlife at the sanctuary. Lantana can cause severe ecosystem damage and is a Weed of national Significance. Lantana spreads rapidly, excluding native vegetation and inhibiting new growth to the forest canopy.

Over the past decade, the AWC field team along with volunteers, have successfully removed 45% of lantana from Curramore, restoring the native ecosystem across 70 hectares of the sanctuary and demonstrating the effectiveness of systematic weed control. Curramore is now a showcase for effective lantana control.


Curramore weed control 600px wide
AWC’s priority conservation actions at Curramore are weed control, ecosystem monitoring and fire management. Removing lantana from the property is restoring habitat for threatened wildlife. Photo: Laurie Capill/AWC


AWC’s conservation strategy at Curramore focuses on three priority actions:

  • Large-scale weed control, targeting highly invasive lantana;
  • Long-term monitoring of ecological health (especially after lantana removal);
  • Effective fire management to restore the understorey and suppress weed invasion.

The new land acquisition will bring Curramore within 500 metres of Maleny National Park, increasing connectivity between protected areas and maximising the conservation return on your investment. This will improve AWC’s ability to conserve the property’s biodiversity and support conservation across the Maleny plateau.


Visitors Curramore 600px wide
Expanding Curramore will increase opportunities for volunteering and visitation to thisspecial sanctuary. Photo: Wayne Lawler /AWC 
Curramore Donor Event © Brad Leue/AWC

Thanks to generous support...We did it!

We are pleased to confirm we have surpassed our goal to raise $550,000 (raising $566,476) and can now expand this very special sanctuary.