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AWC 2017 Scorecard

Stunning statistics highlight AWC conservation success in some of Australia’s most remote locations.

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A network of sanctuaries

AWC manages 27 sanctuaries covering more than 4.6 million hectares in places like the Kimberley, the Top End and Lake Eyre.

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Wildlife we protect

AWC sanctuaries are home to over 533 bird species (88% of all Australia’s terrestrial species) and 207 mammal species (72% of Australia’s mammal species).

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Success Stories: Delivering effective conservation in the field

EcoFire: delivering fire management across 3 million hectares in the Kimberley

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Explore the Artesian Range

This lost world is last refuge for many of Australia’s rarest mammals.

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Help AWC with the feral cat crisis

Did you know that feral cats kill millions of native animals every day?

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Our staff

Meet our field staff at the frontline in the battle to save our wildlife.

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