Wildlife Matters Spring 2015

Newhaven | Mt Gibson | Mornington-Marion Downs | Piccaninny Plains
Field Programs
Feral cat and fox control | Wildlife translocations | Science: surveys and research | Feral cat research
Burrowing Bettong | Greater Bilby | Golden Bandicoot | Greater Stick-nest Rat | Northern Quoll | Numbat | Western Quoll / Chuditch | Woylie | Palm Cockatoo | Yellow-billed Kingfisher | Mala / Rufous Hare-wallaby

In this issue:

  • Historic partnership in the Pilliga forest and at Mallee Clfifs
  • Restoring the lost mammals of central Australia at Newhaven Wildlife Sanctuary: the planet's largest feral cat eradication project
  • Historic return of endangered Woylies to Mt Gibson
  • Securing the Northern Quoll
  • Piccaninny Plains bird surveys to unlock wet season secrets of Cape York
  • Ground-breaking feral cat research extended to Cape York

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