Wildlife Matters

  • Wildlife Matters Winter 2018

    Wildlife Matters Winter 2018

    June 2018

    Strategy to stop feral cats | Stage 1 of the world’s longest feral cat-proof fence is completed at Newhaven Wildlife Sanctuary | Exclusive first pictures of the rare Buff-breasted Button-quail...

  • Wildlife Matters Summer 2017/18

    Wildlife Matters Summer 2017/18

    December 2017

    Protecting Australia's rarest raptor | Groundbreaking AWC & Dambimangari partnership | Newhaven: Return of the Mala | Mt Gibson: Historic return to mainland Australia for one of our rarest kangaroo species | & more

  • Wildlife Matters Winter 2017

    Wildlife Matters Winter 2017

    June 2017

    Sir David Attenborough on AWC | Mt Gibson: Bringing back the Red-tailed Phascogale | North Head: Return of Eastern Pygmy Possums | Kalamurina: Secret life of Dingoes | Newhaven Endangered Wildlife Restoration Project | Mallee Cliffs and the Pilliga: Measuring ecological health

  • Wildlife Matters Winter 2016

    Wildlife Matters Winter 2016

    June 2016

    Historic NSW deal introduces new model for conservation | Newhaven: the planet's largest feral cat eradication project | Conservation fencing: the difference between survival and extinction and more.

  • Wildlife Matters Spring 2015

    Wildlife Matters Spring 2015

    November 2015

    Restoring the lost mammals of central Australia at Newhaven Wildlife Sanctuary: the planet's largest feral cat eradication project  | Historic return of endangered Woylies to Mt Gibson  |  Securing the Northern Quoll and more

  • Wildlife Matters Winter 2015

    Wildlife Matters Winter 2015

    June 2015

    Historic partnership with NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service | Charnley River-Artesian Range: new partnership protects an additional 160,000 hectares| Effective conservation in northern Australia | Counting Bettongs, Bilbies and Bridled Nailtail Wallabies | Brooklyn: a biodiversity hot spot and more

  • Wildlife Matters Summer 2014/15

    Wildlife Matters Summer 2014/15

    December 2014

    Martin Copley AM, 1940-2014 | Leading the fight against feral cats | Mt Gibson: creating the largest feral predator-free area in WA | Biological surveys and more

  • Wildlife Matters Winter 2014

    Wildlife Matters Winter 2014

    June 2014

    AWC inspires historic initiative to restore regionally extinct mammals to NSW National Parks | Restoring mammal populations in northern Australia: confronting the feral cat challenge and more.

  • Wildlife Matters Summer 2013/14

    Wildlife Matters Summer 2013/14

    December 2013

    Banded Hare-wallabies enjoy new island home | Biological surveys: inventory and measuring health | Newhaven Wildlife Sanctuary and more.

  • Wildlife Matters Spring 2013

    Wildlife Matters Spring 2013

    October 2013

    Biological discoveries | Unlocking the secrets of the Artesian Range and its endangered wildlife | Saving the Banded Hare-wallaby and more.

  • Wildlife Matters Summer 2012/13

    Wildlife Matters Summer 2012/13

    December 2012

    Sir David Attenborough Field Research Station: unlocking the secrets of the Artesian Range | Stopping the slaughter: fighting back against feral cats | Mt Gibson Endangered Wildlife Restoration Project and more.

  • Wildlife Matters - Autumn 2012

    Wildlife Matters - Autumn 2012

    June 2012

    Historic initiatives for the Kimberley | The Yulmbu Partnership Delivering effective conservation | Public-private partnership increases protection for the Artesian Range and more.

  • Wildlife Matters Summer 2011/12

    Wildlife Matters Summer 2011/12

    December 2011

    Andjin and Gija crew protecting Kimberley country with AWC | Exploring the Artesian Range: a vital refuge for northern Australia's threatened mammals | Developing strategies to reduce the impact of feral cats and more.

  • Wildlife Matters Winter 2011

    Wildlife Matters Winter 2011

    June 2011

    A secure future for the Bridled Nailtail Wallaby | Confronting the feral cat crisis | Stick-nest Rats airlifted to Mt Gibson | Historic native title consent determination at Newhaven | EcoFire: saving wildlife and reducing greenhouse emissions and more.

  • Wildlife Matters Summer 2010/11

    Wildlife Matters Summer 2010/11

    December 2010

    The Artesian Range Project, Charnley River: Protecting a lost world in the Kimberley | Endemic and threatened wildlife: Artesian Range Project, Charnley River | A regional approach in the Kimberley and more.

  • Wildlife Matters Winter 2010

    Wildlife Matters Winter 2010

    June 2010

    The Bilby Challenge: matching your gifts to AWC | Where have all the mammals gone? The extinction crises in northern Australia | AWC's Northern Mammal Recovery Project and more.

  • Wildlife Matters Summer 2009/10

    Wildlife Matters Summer 2009/10

    December 2009

    Measuring the health of protected areas | Biological surveys across 6 million acres | Removing feral animals to safeguard ecological health and more.

  • Wildlife Matters Spring 2009

    Wildlife Matters Spring 2009

    October 2009

    Bowra a hotspot for Australia's threatened birdlife | Kalamurina Wildlife Sanctuary floodwaters bring new era for Lake Eyre basin wildlife | Ecofire: on-ground management and science deliver results in the Kimberley and more.

  • Wildlife Matters Summer 2008/09

    Wildlife Matters Summer 2008/09

    December 2008

    Northern Australian update | Pungalina-Seven Emu project: A stronghold for wildlife in the Gulf of Carpentaria | AWC: a new model for conservation in Australia and more.

  • Wildlife Matters December 2007

    Wildlife Matters December 2007

    December 2007

    Wildlife Profiles: Four of northern Australia's iconic species | Saving the Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby | Karakamia: A stronghold for the Woylie and more.

  •  Wildlife Matters June 2007

    Wildlife Matters June 2007

    June 2007

    Kalamurina AWC bids to link Lake Eyre & the Simpson Desert | Solar Power at Mornington:Reducing our carbon footprint | The Red-backed Fairy-wren: Defining a model for wildlife-friendly fire and more.

  • Wildlife Matters December 2006

    Wildlife Matters December 2006

    December 2006

    AWC named Environmentalist of the Year | Mornington named as one of Australia's "Top 10" new nature reserves | Brooklyn Wildife Sanctuary: New conservation agreement a model for private land in Queensland and more.

  • Wildlife Matters April 2006

    Wildlife Matters April 2006

    April 2006

    The Night Parrot | Scotia Wildlife Sanctuary: Stick-nest Rats fight for survival at Scotia | New Research at Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary and more.

  • Wildlife Matters December 2005

    Wildlife Matters December 2005

    December 2005

    Faure Island: Establishing a new population of the Western Barred Bandicoot | Scotia: Endangered Mammal Recovery Project: the first 12 months | Mornington Wildlife Sanctuary: Measuring progress in saving the Kimberley's wildlife and more.

  • Wildlife Matters September 2005

    Wildlife Matters September 2005

    September 2005

    Population of endangered Boodies thriving on Faure Island | Biodiversity has some new champions | AWC and partners in new offensive against feral animals and more.

  • Wildlife Matters May 2005

    Wildlife Matters May 2005

    May 2005

    Operation Mala Recovery | Financial Summary Highlights AWC's On-ground Focus | AWC Staff Recognised for Excellence and more.

  • Wildlife Matters October 2004

    Wildlife Matters October 2004

    October 2004

    Mt Zero-Taravale: Historic conservation agreement | Brooklyn Station: We need help to protect this extraordinary property, home to nearly 500 species of mammals, birds, reptiles and frogs | Karakamia: Helping to restock National Parks and more.

  • Wildlife Matters March 2004

    Wildlife Matters March 2004

    March 2004

    Karakamia: Helping to restock National Parks | Scotia endangered mammal recovery project | Endangered wallaby located on Mt Zero-Taravale and more.

  • Wildlife Matters June 2004

    Wildlife Matters June 2004

    June 2004

    The Banded Hare-wallaby: A living treasure | Confirmation of Red Goshawks at Mornington | Conservation in Action: News from AWC Sanctuaries and more.

  • Wildlife Matters September 2003

    Wildlife Matters September 2003

    September 2003

    A golden day for the gouldian finch | Chuditch returns to Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary | Yookamurra bilbies boost national recovery program and more.

  • Wildlife Matters December 2002

    Wildlife Matters December 2002

    December 2002

    World heritage island welcomes endangered mammals | Rescue Operation for Western Ringtail Possums | AWC Protects Endangered Rock Wallaby and more.

  • Wildlife Matters May 2002

    Wildlife Matters May 2002

    May 2002

    Is Mt Zero the last chance for the Northern Bettong? | The evolution of AWC | AWC provides new hope for five threatened species and more.