Wildlife Matters

  • Wildlife Matters Issue 36 out now

    Wildlife Matters Issue 36 out now

    November 2018

    In edition 36 of Wildlife Matters, you’ll find updates from around our sanctuaries that underscore the hard work of the AWC team on the ground – implementing the science and land management required to provide effective conservation for all Australian wildlife.

  • Wildlife Matters Winter 2018

    Wildlife Matters Winter 2018

    June 2018

    Strategy to stop feral cats | Stage 1 of the world’s longest feral cat-proof fence is completed at Newhaven Wildlife Sanctuary | Exclusive first pictures of the rare Buff-breasted Button-quail...

  • Wildlife Matters Summer 2017/18

    Wildlife Matters Summer 2017/18

    December 2017

    Protecting Australia's rarest raptor | Groundbreaking AWC & Dambimangari partnership | Newhaven: Return of the Mala | Mt Gibson: Historic return to mainland Australia for one of our rarest kangaroo species | & more

  • Wildlife Matters Winter 2017

    Wildlife Matters Winter 2017

    June 2017

    Sir David Attenborough on AWC | Mt Gibson: Bringing back the Red-tailed Phascogale | North Head: Return of Eastern Pygmy Possums | Kalamurina: Secret life of Dingoes | Newhaven Endangered Wildlife Restoration Project | Mallee Cliffs and the Pilliga: Measuring ecological health

  • Wildlife Matters Winter 2016

    Wildlife Matters Winter 2016

    June 2016

    Historic NSW deal introduces new model for conservation | Newhaven: the planet's largest feral cat eradication project | Conservation fencing: the difference between survival and extinction and more.

  • Wildlife Matters Spring 2015

    Wildlife Matters Spring 2015

    November 2015

    Restoring the lost mammals of central Australia at Newhaven Wildlife Sanctuary: the planet's largest feral cat eradication project  | Historic return of endangered Woylies to Mt Gibson  |  Securing the Northern Quoll and more

  • Wildlife Matters Winter 2015

    Wildlife Matters Winter 2015

    June 2015

    Historic partnership with NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service | Charnley River-Artesian Range: new partnership protects an additional 160,000 hectares| Effective conservation in northern Australia | Counting Bettongs, Bilbies and Bridled Nailtail Wallabies | Brooklyn: a biodiversity hot spot and more

  • Wildlife Matters Summer 2014/15

    Wildlife Matters Summer 2014/15

    December 2014

    Martin Copley AM, 1940-2014 | Leading the fight against feral cats | Mt Gibson: creating the largest feral predator-free area in WA | Biological surveys and more

  • Wildlife Matters Winter 2014

    Wildlife Matters Winter 2014

    June 2014

    AWC inspires historic initiative to restore regionally extinct mammals to NSW National Parks | Restoring mammal populations in northern Australia: confronting the feral cat challenge and more.

  • Wildlife Matters Summer 2013/14

    Wildlife Matters Summer 2013/14

    December 2013

    Banded Hare-wallabies enjoy new island home | Biological surveys: inventory and measuring health | Newhaven Wildlife Sanctuary and more.

  • Wildlife Matters Spring 2013

    Wildlife Matters Spring 2013

    October 2013

    Biological discoveries | Unlocking the secrets of the Artesian Range and its endangered wildlife | Saving the Banded Hare-wallaby and more.

  • Wildlife Matters Summer 2012/13

    Wildlife Matters Summer 2012/13

    December 2012

    Sir David Attenborough Field Research Station: unlocking the secrets of the Artesian Range | Stopping the slaughter: fighting back against feral cats | Mt Gibson Endangered Wildlife Restoration Project and more.

  • Wildlife Matters - Autumn 2012

    Wildlife Matters - Autumn 2012

    June 2012

    Historic initiatives for the Kimberley | The Yulmbu Partnership Delivering effective conservation | Public-private partnership increases protection for the Artesian Range and more.

  • Wildlife Matters Summer 2011/12

    Wildlife Matters Summer 2011/12

    December 2011

    Andjin and Gija crew protecting Kimberley country with AWC | Exploring the Artesian Range: a vital refuge for northern Australia's threatened mammals | Developing strategies to reduce the impact of feral cats and more.

  • Wildlife Matters Winter 2011

    Wildlife Matters Winter 2011

    June 2011

    A secure future for the Bridled Nailtail Wallaby | Confronting the feral cat crisis | Stick-nest Rats airlifted to Mt Gibson | Historic native title consent determination at Newhaven | EcoFire: saving wildlife and reducing greenhouse emissions and more.

  • Wildlife Matters Summer 2010/11

    Wildlife Matters Summer 2010/11

    December 2010

    The Artesian Range Project, Charnley River: Protecting a lost world in the Kimberley | Endemic and threatened wildlife: Artesian Range Project, Charnley River | A regional approach in the Kimberley and more.

  • Wildlife Matters Winter 2010

    Wildlife Matters Winter 2010

    June 2010

    The Bilby Challenge: matching your gifts to AWC | Where have all the mammals gone? The extinction crises in northern Australia | AWC's Northern Mammal Recovery Project and more.

  • Wildlife Matters Summer 2009/10

    Wildlife Matters Summer 2009/10

    December 2009

    Measuring the health of protected areas | Biological surveys across 6 million acres | Removing feral animals to safeguard ecological health and more.

  • Wildlife Matters Spring 2009

    Wildlife Matters Spring 2009

    October 2009

    Bowra a hotspot for Australia's threatened birdlife | Kalamurina Wildlife Sanctuary floodwaters bring new era for Lake Eyre basin wildlife | Ecofire: on-ground management and science deliver results in the Kimberley and more.

  • Wildlife Matters Summer 2008/09

    Wildlife Matters Summer 2008/09

    December 2008

    Northern Australian update | Pungalina-Seven Emu project: A stronghold for wildlife in the Gulf of Carpentaria | AWC: a new model for conservation in Australia and more.

  • Wildlife Matters December 2007

    Wildlife Matters December 2007

    December 2007

    Wildlife Profiles: Four of northern Australia's iconic species | Saving the Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby | Karakamia: A stronghold for the Woylie and more.

  •  Wildlife Matters June 2007

    Wildlife Matters June 2007

    June 2007

    Kalamurina AWC bids to link Lake Eyre & the Simpson Desert | Solar Power at Mornington:Reducing our carbon footprint | The Red-backed Fairy-wren: Defining a model for wildlife-friendly fire and more.

  • Wildlife Matters December 2006

    Wildlife Matters December 2006

    December 2006

    AWC named Environmentalist of the Year | Mornington named as one of Australia's "Top 10" new nature reserves | Brooklyn Wildife Sanctuary: New conservation agreement a model for private land in Queensland and more.

  • Wildlife Matters April 2006

    Wildlife Matters April 2006

    April 2006

    The Night Parrot | Scotia Wildlife Sanctuary: Stick-nest Rats fight for survival at Scotia | New Research at Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary and more.

  • Wildlife Matters December 2005

    Wildlife Matters December 2005

    December 2005

    Faure Island: Establishing a new population of the Western Barred Bandicoot | Scotia: Endangered Mammal Recovery Project: the first 12 months | Mornington Wildlife Sanctuary: Measuring progress in saving the Kimberley's wildlife and more.

  • Wildlife Matters September 2005

    Wildlife Matters September 2005

    September 2005

    Population of endangered Boodies thriving on Faure Island | Biodiversity has some new champions | AWC and partners in new offensive against feral animals and more.

  • Wildlife Matters May 2005

    Wildlife Matters May 2005

    May 2005

    Operation Mala Recovery | Financial Summary Highlights AWC's On-ground Focus | AWC Staff Recognised for Excellence and more.

  • Wildlife Matters October 2004

    Wildlife Matters October 2004

    October 2004

    Mt Zero-Taravale: Historic conservation agreement | Brooklyn Station: We need help to protect this extraordinary property, home to nearly 500 species of mammals, birds, reptiles and frogs | Karakamia: Helping to restock National Parks and more.

  • Wildlife Matters March 2004

    Wildlife Matters March 2004

    March 2004

    Karakamia: Helping to restock National Parks | Scotia endangered mammal recovery project | Endangered wallaby located on Mt Zero-Taravale and more.

  • Wildlife Matters June 2004

    Wildlife Matters June 2004

    June 2004

    The Banded Hare-wallaby: A living treasure | Confirmation of Red Goshawks at Mornington | Conservation in Action: News from AWC Sanctuaries and more.

  • Wildlife Matters September 2003

    Wildlife Matters September 2003

    September 2003

    A golden day for the gouldian finch | Chuditch returns to Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary | Yookamurra bilbies boost national recovery program and more.

  • Wildlife Matters December 2002

    Wildlife Matters December 2002

    December 2002

    World heritage island welcomes endangered mammals | Rescue Operation for Western Ringtail Possums | AWC Protects Endangered Rock Wallaby and more.

  • Wildlife Matters May 2002

    Wildlife Matters May 2002

    May 2002

    Is Mt Zero the last chance for the Northern Bettong? | The evolution of AWC | AWC provides new hope for five threatened species and more.